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EPIC Street Choir and Magazine launched in Philippines >>>

LATEST NEWS: The Epic Street Choir - Joyfully laughing children creating a loud racket as they sing in their choir isn’t the image most might imagine when thinking of an urban slum in one of Manila’s toughest slums in the Philippines. But that’s what’s happening right now with the EPIC Street Choir who are about to launch their first Philippines tour in June 2011. The choir sang 3 beautiful songs on June 10th in a 500 year old fort that has seen extreme tragedy and glory over it’s long tenure in Intramuros, Manila. At the same time we are also launching the EPIC Street magazine……..Details here

The EPIC Magazine - ‘Stories of Hope’: Based on other successful street magazines running internationally we have launched the EPIC Magazine. Our trial model is based on the need to deliver an independent, self-sustainable and newsworthy social solution to people living in the Philippines.

When our vendors sell the The EPIC Stories of Hope Mag,  published quarterly, they have the opportunity to earn a regular salary, care and support their families and be recognized as an active member in their communities. Our vendors buy copies of the Epic Magazine for 25 Pesos and sell it on the streets for 50 pesos. They keep half the magazine costs ie 50%. (50 Pesos = approx USD $1.00)…..More details here

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View the short interview we did with Philippines national broadcasting network ANC and hear the EPIC street choir sing in front of the cameras for the very 1st time!

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YSEI Asia 2009 Fellows Announced

Youth Social Enterprise Initiative (YSEI) is pleased to announce its Asia 2009 Start-up Stage fellows who will receive USD75,000 start-up funding. More details..

The five young social entrepreneurs who have been selected from the YSEI Asia 2009 programme have showed great commitment towards realising their business idea. In addition, Cyril Devan from Malaysia, Stephanie Caragos and Khristine Lopez, both from the Philippines, Ajay Shakya from India, and Thailand’s Patipat Susumpow have successfully demonstrated competence in building viable social enterprises through their participation in YSEI which is a GKP Global Partnership Programme.

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