Clicking the red button once a day!

That’s the big one on the front page of Every time you click it (once a day only) you release Euro 0.05 cents currently paid for by paid by Unisys who are a sponsor of our partners the Global e-Inclusion Movement

The funds released by your clicks go towards the cost of resources and activities (e.g., training, equipment, etc.) supporting the development of ICT for education projects in poor areas of the world.

Become a distance mentor and help coach youth led entrepreneurs in South East Asia

If you have knowledge and skills you believe would be useful to youth led, social business ventures in developing communities then consider becoming a part time YSEI Mentor. Mentoring is undertaken on a volunteer basis and carried out remotely via email, skype, instant messaging programs and the phone. Make a big difference with your knowledge! You will be working with the Youth Social Entrepreneurship Initiative - (YSEI) fellows.

Ideally you have skills in one or more of the following areas: management, business, marketing, micro-finance, non profit, IT or entrepreneurship. The objective of the mentorship program is to help the YSEI projects reach their goals on-time and on-track. We have helped begin projects in India (3), Bangladesh (2), Philippines (2) and Timor Leste (1).


Let your company or friends and colleagues know about what we are doing and see if they would like to get involved by sponsoring a student or center.

Tell your friends

This is one of the most common ways that people find out about us. Tell your family, friends and colleagues at your local club or association, school, university and work. Spread the word - far and wide.