We’re not a college or a university but you can find and learn just about anything, anywhere at one of the premium education providers right found here. Our mission is “to enable knowledge on as many devices as possible, globally, via the internet, accessing internships, courses & jobs through platforms like edXMOOCsthe Khan AcademyCoursera, jobs and internships via CareerJet & more. We believe in free, world-class education & training for anyone, anywhere enabling healthy, sustainable livelihoods.”

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Use this site to learn anything, anywhere freely. Start an internship or land a job wherever you are. It’s easy. Find a device connected to the net and the will to achieve. Follow these simple steps.

  • Work out what skill or course that you really need to get a job where you live right now?
  • Are you OK learning with real teachers & sometimes remotely from professors online?
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A more detailed directory will be added by 2016 however the organisations have compiled an such an excellent collection of the leading institutions, colleges, courses, skills and knowledge that you could probably spend your life learning ……. “they that love reading have everything within their reach”

All you need is a device.

And you.  Then choose one of the links below where you can choose from the world’s largest virtual libraries. You will find dozens of leading institutions, colleges, courses, internships and more….all at no cost. Begin your journey with us at The Khan Academy or edX. Both these organisations are award winners in their fields.

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Our Background in Training the 20th century ‘way’.

We’ve been freely training poor youth with IT skills in South East Asia since 2000. We built the Philippines first telecentre in Manila in 2002 which went onto create jobs for local people. This center was the first in the nation & was integrated into micro finance group, CCT, creating scholarships & sustainable livelihoods for local families. Princess Anne opened the 1st GLOW center (virtually) from Oxford University. A team of original  OrphanIT grads went onto create the eTrikes program which were 3 wheeled, mobile, schools on wheels that visited the students barangays navigating Manila’s notorious traffic swarms, the EPIC Magazine of Hope and an Street Choir which was featured on the country’s national broadcaster ANC’s ‘morning show ‘Advocacy’.

A local basketball team has been launched and plans for a new venture called eBoats which was not completed due to Typhoon Bopha roaring through the islands in 2012. We’re in the process of providing educational opportunities right through from K – 12 and well into advanced levels with the advent of platforms such as MOOCs (massive open online courses eg Harvard, MIT, Berkeley and edX etc) & plan to have this launched in 2016.

With a solid and diverse history in learning opportunities such as Hyperstudy.com - 1990, EdMedia  - 1992, OrphanIT - 2000, SolvePoverty.com - 2001, we believe we are on track to provide “Education on as many devices as possible, via the net, accessing courses through platforms like MOOCs and edX as we are community based, we believe in free, unrivaled education for anyone, anywhere sourced through SolvePoverty.com