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Founded 2000 AD   Simon Healy and Denis Perry

simon healySimon Healy is a specialist in web development, online marketing and remote services, having worked with leading Australian and international corporations, aid organisations and educational institutions since 1993.

He has recently exited the education firm he founded in 1999 - Hyperstudy.com and it’s media agency - EdMedia to pursue social marketing and non profit  opportunities through SolvePoverty.comOrphanIT.com and his online marketing firm PageOneRankings.com.au.

denis perryDenis Perry - Denis redefined Opportunity International Australia from a recipient agency to a fully contributing Resource Development Agency within the OI Network and developed a long term, multi year CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) relationships with a number of multi national corporations including BHP Billiton and Leighton Holdings.

Denis has also been involved in the following activities:

-Hosting public profile events with the Presidents of World & Asian Development Banks.
-Developed consulting activities (Philippines, Indonesia, PNG) earning substantial fees
-Established Web based education/initiatives to end trans-generational poverty.
-Initiated micro finance among the Aboriginal community in Australia.
-Initiated new country initiatives for OI (East Timor, PNG, China).
-Identified majority of funding for OI China.
-Commenced new developmental role to establish OI in Asia - Hong Kong

-Trustee and CEO Kingdom Resources Trust / Ltd (1990 – 1996). Christchurch, NZ.Since its launch in 2001 at Oxford University by Princess Anne, (with Opportunity International), YOU and SolvePoverty.com, have helped raise funds for social entrepreneurs and other internet-connected projects across the world.

By clicking the ‘Freely Donate‘ button on the front page, over 17,000,000 times to-date, you have helped release funds from our initial sponsors  (internet archive 2001) that have been allocated to a number of scalable poverty alleviation projects across South East Asia including:

- Micro-Finance
- Solar power
- Clean water wells
- Health & vaccination
- Education

Education and jobs were what the disadvantaged youth really needed. I was on an overseas journey to the Philippines with a colleague from a micro-finance organisation and one day we had been going around visiting several of their clients. We were walking through Tondo (Warriors of Smokey Mountain) and I saw a group of young lads playing soccer or some similar game. This was below these towering edifices with huge ad brands and signs all emblazoned on them.

I turned to my friend and asked “why aren’t these guys working in one of those buildings or hotels?” he told me that there was no way these guys would get a job in any of those places because they have no high school education, can’t use a computer and come from the provinces. In some cases all three!

It was that night back at the hotel that I decided to see if I could fix the problem. I couldn’t fix their housing but I could certainly give them enough skills so they could go onto learn whatever they desired.

I returned back to Australia, contacted several of my commercial clients with this idea (see early sponsors at the Wayback Machine’s Internet Archive)

No need to delve into details but OrphanIT went onto become a resounding success winning many award and achievements over the following years.

Although we are no longer formally involved with Opportunity International we continue to be inspired by their work and methodology. OI is a global leader of micro-finance and social enterprise development, and celebrated their 35th anniversary.

The ultimate aim of this website is to stimulate strong flows of solidarity and resources (i.e., funds, knowledge, experience & employment.) between rich and poor areas of the world, with a focus on educational and employment projects.

SolvePoverty.com & it’s sister program, OrphanIT.com, have been funded over the last decade by a range of sponsors and private funders and made possible with a dedicated team of volunteer managers. Much of the recent programming has been undertaken by the Philippines social outsourcing group - www.letIThelp.org

To become a sponsor or for any other inquires please contact us through our commercial arm PageOneRankings or via email to info@solvepoverty.com

Past Sponsors and Supporters:

solve poverty sponsors and supporters

New Foundation - SolvePoverty.com

As part of our long term plan, it is our intention, to create a new Foundation in Australia called SolvePoverty.com.


2000 - SolvePoverty.com launched at Oxford University by Princess Anne.
2001 - 1st Pilot ICT ‘GLOW’ Telecentre school in Manila, Phils. 4 groups trained.
2002 - OrphanIT.com launched as youth powered web dev/SEO service.
2003 - Partner with Global eInclusion Movement on SolvePoverty Click Fund.
2004 - 100+ small web development jobs completed in 12 countries.
2005 - SolvePoverty begins programming open source sw for telecentres.
2006 - OrphanIT partners Youth Social Entrepreneurship Initiative (YSEI).
2007- OrphanIT launch of YSEI mentor program.
2007- Partner with PageOneRankings.com to develop social outsourcing.
2008 - Launch Open Source, Social Outsourcing Jobs Platform to assist telecentres.
2008 - Over 1000 ICT jobs created by SolvePoverty.com’s Social Outsourcing work.

Mentorship Programs.

youth employment and telecentres

OrphanIT was created in 2002 to help locate and provide social outsourcing jobs to the graduates of the Philippines 1st Telecentre called GLOW which SolvePoverty helped fund. The GLOW Telecentre (Global Learning Opportunities on the Web) was integrated into our microfinance partners CCT in 2005.

Founded in 1992, the Center for Community Transformation began as an informal network of development practitioners who believed that development strategies could best be achieved by enriching the spirituality of a person. CCT ministers to micro-entrepreneurs, service workers, itinerant vendors, orphans, and abandoned children in urban poor communities.

CCT Mission Statement: Changing Lives, Strengthening Families and Transforming Communities

Youth Social Entrepreneurship Fund.

As well as all the millions of clicks you have contributed, your support has also helped TRN in Thailand, MITRA in India and the OrphanIT team create the 1st grant fund for youth entrepreneurs called The Youth Social Entrepreneurship Initiative (YSEI).

Supported by The Swiss Development Corporation, Microsoft and The Global Knowledge Partnership, YSEI is a high-engagement social venture program for emerging young social entrepreneurs in developing nations. Launched in 2007 and funding 7 youth entrepreneurship projects across Asia, YSEI is now entering its second year and funds up to 15 programs across the region in 2008.

YSEI is supported by the following organisations.

Youth venture capital fund - Youth Social Entrepreneurship Fund (YSEI)

Social Outsourcing Leaders

The LetIThelp.org Foundation - Cagayan De Oro, Philippines.

www.letIThelp.org - True to the mission of social enterprises which is “bridging social opportunity into sustainable reality innovatively, effectively and efficiently,”

LetIThelp.org goes in line with this to help selected and deserving fresh graduates in Mindanao find the right opportunities in their chosen field of profession.

There is a balance needed in the IT industry in the Philippines at this point.

Initially, there is the increase of IT outsourcing jobs being directed to the country, however, there is a need of a ready pool of trained and experienced IT professionals to continually sustain the industry and manpower needs.

social outsourcing philippines

Mobile Telecenters - eTrike Program.

self-contained, wireless enabled, mobile telecentres

Mobile Telecenters takes net and comms to Philippines schools and villages in self-contained, wireless enabled, mobile telecentres built on the famous national mode of transport - the three wheeled motorcycle called a Trike.

social outsourcingIn the urban regions of Manila’s metropolis, 5 young Filipinos are building the country’s first mobile, self-contained, wireless telecentre. The students are all graduates of the Philippines 1st telecenter, GLOW, which launched in 2000. They have designed a new and innovative approach of delivering ICT learning combined with a sustainable model, to communities that typically have no access to these services.

XayanIT.com Web development.

XayanIT ICT skills development and employment firm

XayanIt.com Aims to develop:
- Localized ICT training curriculum.
- Provide HR Development to Dhaka Unis Computer Science & Engineering students.
- Provide ICT products and services for domestic and international clients.

xayanit - social entrepreneurs Long Term Objectives
- Create sustainable jobs for Bangladeshi youth in ICT
- Catalyze a measurable snowball effect
- Be the benchmark for ICT & corporate responsibility

Mission For Our Beneficiaries
– To enable skilled youth to create self funding, fully sustainable ICT employment in Bangladesh.

Mission For Our Customers
– To be the premier provider of localized ICT content and relevant ICT products and services in Bangladesh.

- Youth Employment in Bangladesh.
- Benchmark, leader, and model corporate citizenship for Bangladesh ICT sector.
- ICT sector growth and measurable macro economic and social development.

XayanIT creates IT employment opportunities for Bangladeshi youth.XayanIT was started by a Dhaka University Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Professor and an American business school graduate. In its initial phases, XayanIT is working with the 250 students of the CSE department. The start-up phase costs were offset by a contract for ICT managed services with an international client.

XayanIT works with skilled youth interested in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) careers. It coordinates Human Resource Development (HRD) which uses relevant ICT training, certifications, internships, R&D projects, and field work to develop students into skilled and employable individuals. It manages HRD by working closely with organizations that have a stake in education analyzes existing curricula and assesses curriculum needs. Businesses, NGOs, and universities are key partners in making the internships, field studies, R&D projects, and relevant training curricula possible.

XayanIT is built upon using these skilled youth as entry level employees for providing the company’s web/software products and services. In its initial phases, XayanIT is focused on creating localized educational turnkey solutions for the education sector and web design and development for domestic and international clients.

XayanIT’s success leverages its strong connections with educational institutions, businesses, NGO, and individual mentor networks in Bangladesh, Australia, and the United States.

SolvePoverty Team

Boysie Sabino: (OrphanIT Board). CEO of Philippines Alay-Buhay Foundation
Miller Lagunzad: (OrphanIT Board). GLOW teacher/mentor.
Miss Feri Lumampao: (OrphanIT Board). Exec Director APPROTECH Asia
Peter Young: Social entrepreneur.
Owen Matheson: Business development & marketing consultancy.
Paul Ferris and Carolyne Thomas: Web architects.
Simon Shearer: Programmer, internet and mobile application engineer.
Jon Rodrigues: Youth entrepreneur, off-line ICT project manager.
Stephanie Caragos: CEO of Syntactics Philippines web development company.

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YSEI Asia 2009 Fellows Announced

Youth Social Enterprise Initiative (YSEI) is pleased to announce its Asia 2009 Start-up Stage fellows who will receive USD75,000 start-up funding.

The five young social entrepreneurs who have been selected from the YSEI Asia 2009 programme have showed great commitment towards realising their business idea. In addition, Cyril Devan from Malaysia, Stephanie Caragos and Khristine Lopez, both from the Philippines, Ajay Shakya from India, and Thailand’s Patipat Susumpow have successfully demonstrated competence in building viable social enterprises through their participation in YSEI which is a GKP Global Partnership Programme.

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