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Whilst not a college or even an international university you can find and learn just about anything, anywhere at one of the premium education providers on earth found here. Our mission, not possible at the start of this century, is….

“To enable knowledge on as many devices as possible on the planet, via the internet, accessing internships, courses & jobs through platforms like edXMOOCsthe Khan AcademyCoursera, jobs and internships via CareerJet & dozens more. Being an NGO we believe in free, world-class education & training for anyone, anywhere sourced through solvepoverty.com enabling healthy, sustainable livelihoods.

Using this site to learn anything, anywhere freely….and start an internship or land a job on the planet is easy you’ll just need a device with internet connectivity and the will to achieve. Just follow these simple steps.

  1. What’s the kind of skill or course that you really need to get a job where you are right now?
  2. It’ll be delivered online by real teachers & sometimes by professors.
  3. You can try a free demo example of how you would study online to get you’re certificate, course or degree.
  4. All you need is a device. ie Pref laptop/desktop, smartphone, tablet.

A more detailed directory will be added in 2016, however the organisations listed here have compiled such an excellent collection of the leading skills, courses, colleges, institutions and knowledge that you could probably spend your life learning .

Which brings us to  2015. And you. All you need is a device. Then choose one of the links below where you can choose from the world’s largest virtual libraries. You will find dozens of leading institutions, colleges, courses, internships and more….all at no cost.

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YSEI Asia 2009 Fellows Announced

Youth Social Enterprise Initiative (YSEI) is pleased to announce its Asia 2009 Start-up Stage fellows who will receive USD75,000 start-up funding.

The five young social entrepreneurs who have been selected from the YSEI Asia 2009 programme have showed great commitment towards realising their business idea. In addition, Cyril Devan from Malaysia, Stephanie Caragos and Khristine Lopez, both from the Philippines, Ajay Shakya from India, and Thailand’s Patipat Susumpow have successfully demonstrated competence in building viable social enterprises through their participation in YSEI which is a GKP Global Partnership Programme.

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